Nebraska Relief | Ivan the 1/2 Inch Worm

Ivan has been planning a trip to visit his friends in Nebraska for a few weeks. He was heart broken to hear of the devastation from all the water and flooding... but very encouraged to hear how people are working together and stretching their full inch to help each other! He will continue his trip to Nebraska and has decided to pass on all the profits from book sales for the rest of March to relief efforts for Nebraska flooding. πŸ”΄βšͺ️🌽

Please consider STRETCHING YOUR FULL INCH for Nebraska- whether buying a book or in another way! πŸ’šπŸ›



Book Reading - Winside Elementary School

Earlier this week I had a great time reading to the kids at Winside Schools, in Winside, Nebraska - what an amazing group of teachers and students! I talked about the writing process with the older students and the importance of doing your best with everyone (even the teachers!) -- "Stretch your full inch!" #stretchyourfullinch πŸ’šπŸ›


2 days, 4 classes, and 1 radio studio

For the past two days Ivan was introduced to the preschool classes at Charlie Brown preschool in Mason City and Clear Lake, Iowa. It was such a fun time! Reminding the kids to β€œstretch their full inch” and do their best at everything was the clear message!

Jason talked about Ivan on KCMR 97.9 in Mason City - Listen to the interview here

Some dates coming up in the North Iowa Area. For a calendar of events check out the β€œEvents Page”

Jason Gangwish - Author of the Month - Ivan the 1/2 Inch Worm

I'm taken back.. There are teachers using Ivan in their class rooms, libraries picking up a copy and just yesterday "Book Baby" reached out to me and asked if I'd want to be featured as the Author of the Month for March πŸ† // Ivan the 1/2 Inch Worm has been available for 1 week and we have had such an incredible response. (there's a gem hidden at the end of this video.. you'll smile, I promise).


classrooms and libraries!

classrooms and libraries!

Starting next week we will begin reading Ivan to kids, class rooms and even some libraries! The first group will be the kids at Sugar Plumb Preschool in Mason City, Iowa! We are so thrilled to share the story with kids and encourage them to do their best! If you have a class room or a group of kids near either of us we would love to come visit and read to them if it works! Please message our page or either of us! Jason & Kallie

*note: books will be available for pre-order soon! The kids are getting a sneak peak:)