Nebraska Relief | Ivan the 1/2 Inch Worm

Ivan has been planning a trip to visit his friends in Nebraska for a few weeks. He was heart broken to hear of the devastation from all the water and flooding... but very encouraged to hear how people are working together and stretching their full inch to help each other! He will continue his trip to Nebraska and has decided to pass on all the profits from book sales for the rest of March to relief efforts for Nebraska flooding. 🔴⚪️🌽

Please consider STRETCHING YOUR FULL INCH for Nebraska- whether buying a book or in another way! 💚🐛



2 days, 4 classes, and 1 radio studio

For the past two days Ivan was introduced to the preschool classes at Charlie Brown preschool in Mason City and Clear Lake, Iowa. It was such a fun time! Reminding the kids to “stretch their full inch” and do their best at everything was the clear message!

Jason talked about Ivan on KCMR 97.9 in Mason City - Listen to the interview here

Some dates coming up in the North Iowa Area. For a calendar of events check out the “Events Page